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Armando's Archives CD
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  1) Duo Gadjo "Leaving In The Morning"
2) Tonette Jeanine "Ain't Nobody's Business"
3) Caroompas Room "Reconsider Baby"
4) Olde Skool "Ain't No Love"
5) Hopeful Romantics "Johnnie Lee Miller"
6) Alhambra Valley Band "The Big Mon Said It Best"
7) AkaBella "12Bella"
8) JBS "Not So Easy"
9) Rockinghorse "Bougainvillea"
10) Thomas Martin & Friends "16 Tons"
11) Left Coast "Goodbye To Mobile"
12) Fender/Cronin "The Riddle"
13) The All Night Flight "Back To The Island"
These tracks were recorded with the built-in condenser mics of a Zoom H-4 hand-held recorder at a distance of approximately 40 feet from the stage. They represent a four year time period beginning in 2006. All the performers have graciously consented to the use of these tracks as an archival snapshot of the years cited, and as a source of fund raising for the continued existence of Armandos in Martinez. Although not perfect as studio recordings might be, they nevertheless preserve the excitement and energy captured in the moment before a live audience. Thanks to all who contributed to this endeavor.
— Thomas Martin

The Artists: (click performer names for details)

Duo Gadjo: Isabelle Magidson(vocals&guitar)-Jeff Magidson(vocals&guitar)-Paul

Tonette Jeanine & the Quadraphonics: Tonette Jeanine(vocals)-Lucky Jackson(guitar)-Lincoln Adler(sax)-Dre Johnson(drums)-Steve Webber(bass)-Guido Fazio(sax&clarinet)

Caroompas Room: Jim Caroompas(vocals&guitar)-Carol Caroompas(vocals)-Aimee Abbett(vocals)-Mike Maxwell(bass)-Bill Horton(drums)-Greg Boudreaux(keys)-

Olde Skool: Shadee Rashada(vocals)-Tony Senior(guitar)-Jerald Stroughter(vocals&drums)-Tim Campbell(keys)

Hopeful Romantics: Hope Savage(vocals&guitar)-Danny White(vocals&guitar&harp)-Brian Walker(vocals&mandolin)-Bruce Campbell(vocals&bass)-Steve Barry(guitar)-Jeff MacDonald(pedal steel guitar)

Alhambra Valley Band: Lynn Quinones(vocals&guitar)-Jill Cruey(vbocals&fiddle)-Dan Large(vocals&mandolin)-Mitch Polzak(vocals&banjo)-Bruce Campbell(vocals&bass)

AkaBella: Nola Pierce-Lauren Smith-Verena Reece-Melody Walker-Lorenza Simmons

JBS: Jonny Burr(guitar)-Scotty O'Neill(vocals&keys)

Rockinghorse: James Swinson(vocals&guitar)-Tania Fardella(vocals&guitar)-Guy Michel(bass)-Jeff Saulovich(Drums)

Thomas Martin & Friends: Thomas Martin(vocals&guitar)-Barbara Speed(vocals&sax)-Paul Palizzolo(vocals&harp)-Nathan Craver(bass)-Jerald Stroughter(vocals&drums)

Left Coast: Kirsten Watson(vocals)-Stuart Watson(vocals&guitar)

Fender/Cronin: Jami Fender(vocals&guitar)-David Cronin(vocals&guitar)-Ritchie Beltrams(guitar)

The All Night Flight: David Denny(vocal&guitar)-Jack King(vocal&guitar)-Brian Hough(vocal&bass)-Alan Thiele(drums)

Armando's Archives is currently available at Armando's in Martinez, CA. Come by, enjoy some music, and pick up your copy of this collectors CD. Click here to see location.


Track 10 engineered by Tony Shrum
All other tracks engineered by Thomas Martin
Photography by Eric Akeson and Georgia Rowe
Album design by Akeson Design
Thank you to Roy 'Armando's' Jeans
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