• Armando's, located in downtown Martinez


Video of Armando shows
Occasionally either we are able to capture some video of a show or friends of Armando's will shoot a performance or 2 or many as you wll see in the links below.

We would love to see YOUR videos. If you have some video taken at Armando's and would like to share, please upload the video through your YouTube or Vimeo account and submit a link to us.

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The Official Armando's YouTube page
Click here to see our latest video's

Vintage and Special Armando's YouTube page
The archived armandosmartinez channel

Armando's: Blues in Black and White
by GangiPLG's channel
A fantastic, large collection of the Armando's Blues Jams filmed in monotone.

Armando's: Blues in Color
by GangiPLG's channel
A good sized collection of the Armando's Blues Jams.

Various Armando's Videos
by 2Listen2me's channel
A nice collection of different Armando's video's

Super Chicken at Armando's
by Shakey's Dugout
There have been a lot of hot bands that come through Armando's, and Super Chicken was one of them, always grabbing large crowds.

West Coast Songwriters Competitions at Armando's
by WCSCompetitionMTZ
There are a lot of talents, both new and seasoned that pertake in the West Coast Songwriters Competition, and here are many!


"Garageland Rodeo: Breathe - Rocket Man" unplugged at Armando's --October 26, 2012 (by garagelandrodeo)


"Chris Cain" at Armando's -- March 1, 2012, with guest Derek Rolando sitting in as percussion (by armandosmartinez)


"Garageland Rodeo: Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" unplugged at Armando's --October 26, 2012 (by garagelandrodeo)


Bonzo Bonner performs 'Iko Iko' at Danny White's Blues Jam_October 24, 2011
(by GangiPLG)




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